Buli's legacy

Buli is a state of mind
Buli is attitude
Buli is self-transcendence

buli clothing

For those who walk their own way

For those who push forward with full force,
take others into account,
live in the moment,
know how to take it easy,
but above all - live with a buli attitude.

Suomalaisen Työn Liitto - The Association for Finnish Work

BULI® is one of the Design from Finland brand companies. 

The Design from Finland label communicates the origin of finnish, unique design and emphasizes the importance of finnish immaterial work in terms of Finland's success and employment. The label can be awarded to a product or service that has been designed in Finland, and it shows that the company invested in finnish design and that it communicates its entire production chain responsibly and transparently. The company's headquarters must in Finland.

 What does buli mean

One of the most well-known finnish dialect words is buli 'big', the source of which is a similar Swedish word. Its book-language outfit is bule's 'bloated'. Buli has been recorded as slang word since the first decade of the century.
Already in the 1910s, the comparative forms of the word 'big' were played with buli - bönsempi - bönsin.

Buli Oy is a clothing brand founded in 2021 by two friends from Oulu Finland. We wanted to offer casual, yet stylish fashion suitable for every situation. At the same time, we are building a legacy for a word that has been with us for over 100 years. Join us and remember to do everything big as buli! #buli